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About Us

It's not about "us" it's about you and how can we make you the happiest shopper that wants to return time and time again while telling all your friend what a great store we are.  Our mission ? Our goal ? Is to make you our number one priority.  "Happy Customer , Happy Staff" is our slogan.  

Our efforts literally span globally to ensure you have the best quality product, pricing and shipping experiences.  We challenge you to repeatedly visit our store over and over again to see some of the most popular and trending items that are moving across the planet literally at 100's of miles per hour to your front door.  

Based out of Brooklyn, New York we can feel the pulse of a nation in our own back yard.  We see and hear people,s problems of wanting to live an easier life with simple cost effective solutions and we offer you this on our site.  We also see and hear about products that are working, so we investigate those products and like the old Brooklyn saying goes: Forgetaboutit , , , "if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me" , , , tony bagadonuts hahaha.  

From our home to yours, may God keep and bless you all your days.